Already tired and struggling to exercise, but the body still does not take care of. It could be that you alone are sabotaging weight loss efforts with unhealthy habits. A healthy ideal body is often identified with a good diet and exercise routine. In addition, genetic and hormonal factors also affect your body size. But if with a good diet and regular exercise your weight does not also decrease, maybe the exercise that you live is not right. For that, you can visit our website to follow fat shredder kickboxing.

– Too much cardio exercise. This exercise can actually nourish your heart and increase body metabolism. Therefore, cardio is part of an important exercise routine. However, do not be too push yourself to do it more and make the exercise focused on strength, such as routine run 15 kilometers or running nonstop for 90 minutes. If you do too much cardio exercise, it will crush your muscles. In addition, the body will increasingly increase endurance by storing fat as an energy supply. The best way to lose weight while building muscle is to combine cardio exercises with strength training.

– Exercise too long. Actually, exercise that you do can be a trigger of stress for your body. When exercising, the body secretes a stress hormone called cortisol. On the one hand, this hormone is beneficial to the body because it gives the energy your muscles need to move. However, on the other hand, this hormone can have a negative impact if you exercise too long, which triggers a pile of fat in the area that is not desirable. Therefore, do moderate exercise alone. In other words, it does not need to exceed your maximum capability but do it regularly. In addition, manage your emotions well. Although not exercising, cortisol can also be active when you are under stress.

– Less rest after exercise. Resting and restoring stamina after exercise is no less important because that’s when the body burns most of the fat. Enough of your rest so you can exercise again the next day.

– Less hard work. We need to exercise with the right dose. Too many sports, such as too long or too much cardio exercise, can invite negative effects, as well as shortcomings. Do not just your feeling that it’s hard to lose weight with exercise and diet, but you’re still not working hard. The average person, not an athlete or body builder, is not recommended to exercise more than an hour per day. It does seem a bit light, but keep in mind the key is the intensity of the sport, not how long you spend. So the harder your practice the shorter the time you need. Therefore, maximize the time you spend with exercising effectively, do not lull or slow down.