Termites are known as ‘white ants’ by some people. Termites are a pest that is well known for its ability to damage structural home structures and also gives you financial losses due to damage. This is often a mistake in differentiating between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and ants is that termites have a waist that is much thicker than ants.

In this case, you need to ascertain whether these are termites or ants that invade your home building. To determine it, a proper identification by professional and trained pest control services such as the termite service in Ho Chi Minh City will help you to identify further and assess the extent of damage caused by termite attack. Proper advice from experts can also help save time, money and eliminate your worries about pest problems.

So, you now know that it is not as easy as it might seem to determine whether there are termites or not at your house. The situation will be more difficult when termites eat from the inside out and very rarely seen above the ground to find food. Sometimes you are too late to realize that there are damages caused by termite pests in your home. Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely to see termite pests running out of their colony nests. Termites can damage many parts of your home, such as door frames, furniture, wooden frames, and roofs. But the presence of termite pests can now be easily detected using termite detecting radar utilizing heat technology to determine the humidity, temperature, and movement of termite pests.

By knowing the signs of termite pest, you can easily identify that there is a termite pest in your property. Mud paths built by termites, their access to move from the ground to the outside is one of the main signs of the existence of termites.