Paint is an important element in beautifying the look of the house view website , especially during Lebaran. In addition, to beautify the look, paint also has a function to protect the wall. On the other hand, paint is a solid material that is liquefied with a mixture of certain chemicals that can interfere with health.

In order to make the house look beautiful but also keep the occupants healthy, there are four things that must be observed in choosing the paint and they are in the following. You can view website to know more about paint and painting.

1. Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Occupant health is the main thing. For that, choose a wall paint environmentally friendly. Paints that are safe for health do not contain lead chemicals (Pb) and mercury (Hg).

In addition, also choose paint labeled free lead, low volatile organic compound (VOC). Environmentally friendly paint also does not give off a pungent odor.

2. Differentiate Exterior and Interior

Choose paint according to the location of the application. For outdoor painting, choose a paint that is resistant to sun exposure, rain, and temperature changes. The goal is that the paint does not suffer damage such as cracks layer and the color does not easily fade. Some manufacturers call the exterior paint with the name weatherproof, weather shield, weather coat, and easy shield.

For interior paint, some of the criteria you should look for are ease of care and durable color. Thus, repainting each year can be minimized.

3. Anti-Fungal Layer

If your home is often exposed to flood, choose a paint that contains an antifungal layer-both exterior and interior walls. Conditions after the rain can make mushrooms multiply quickly, such as on the wall of the house. If not handled quickly, the fungus can remove spores that can damage the layers of wall paint.

4. Easy to Clean

Stain resistant paint and easy to clean are also the right choices for a house wall. This paint is a form of investment because you do not need to repaint often due to streaks of children or land.