Parents are the grace of Almighty God, for without them we may not exist in this world. At a young age, they struggle with all their might and efforts to get their children a decent home, food, clothing, and education. Until not infrequently from our parents who do not care about the fatigue and pain they receive.

But in the old age, when parents are no longer powerless and can be healthy before, many of the children who even ignore it. Instead of taking care and living with a parent. Well if you currently have parents who are old enough so often senile and you cannot properly care for it then it would be better if you call professional services such as senior home care to maintain and care for our parents who are often senile.

Surely we do not want to be disobedient to the elderly by abandoning our parents. Actually our parents, like whatever he is we should still take care of them in the old age. Remember when we were little children and raised by our parents. Raised, educated and financed by them. And now it’s our turn to look after them.

Therefore, here are some tips parenting parents who have elderly and often senile!

1 Do not be denied, just listen
Elderly sometimes loves to talk, even seemed fussy for some people. This is because they have experienced so many things and feel that they know more about something than their children. When faced with parents like this, we should not respond in the past or even sneer at them nag. It is because actually, we are when children like that. When we were children, we often commented on everything that happens to our environment. The worst is we comment on things without understanding if that’s what we comment on, even inconsequential inclinations, and our parents patiently listen to us.

2 Speak to them with polite words
Our elderly parents may be talking about anything. Sometimes things will not escape their comments. Or sometimes they have diminished hearing, so we have to slightly harden our volume when talking to them.

3 Answer to each of their questions, albeit over and over again
Our elderly parents are sometimes somewhat less vision, hearing, and memory. So sometimes they are obvious will continue to ask over and over again. Sometimes our parents forget with their children by asking “Who is this?” If that happens, answer patiently and politely. Remember that we were as small as that, and our parents were not even angry even though we said the same thing and asked the same questions over and over again.