Christmas is coming soon. What are your habits and your family when Christmas arrives? Every family must have their own customs to welcome and celebrate Christmas. However, the most awaited event to do together must go to church on Christmas Eve and worship there. The church is the most soothing place when Christmas arrives. In church, the congregation will see images of Jesus that are always attached to the walls of the church and can be seen anytime by the congregation.

When Christmas arrives, all the families will definitely gather and spend time together to perform various activities on that special day. There are many moments that will be created when Christmas arrives, like exchanging gifts to each other, cooking special menus, and praying together. Some of these interesting facts will remind you of the Christmas moments you always celebrate with your family:

1. Meet Santa
Apparently, meeting Santa is not just a dream anymore, this is because, in Lapland, Finland is a Santa Village that can make you realize your childhood dream.

2. Send Christmas Card
You must also always do this activity, right? however, to whom did you send you a Christmas card? Most people are just familiar sending a Christmas card to a close friend. However, in Korea, all children will send Christmas cards to their friends one by one. No matter how many friends they have.

3. Celebrating Christmas Outside
You may be used to celebrating Christmas at home alma and get together with family. However, in Australia, they will celebrate Christmas with various outdoor activities. This is because, in their Country, Christmas falls during the summer.

4. Watching Favorite Movies
Christmas also has a Christmas-themed movie that is timeless. Some of the films are like Home Alone and Elf. Many children who wake up early or are deliberately at home just to watch their favorite movie on television.