The Army’s Well Being Division provides a central source of compiled human dimension data (both objective and subjective) with the commensurate analytical capability to inform Human Capital Strategy, policy and program decisions and to provide assessments of issues related to the well-being of the force. In short, we are a key measurement tool for senior Army leadership.
We provide the capability to use metric analyses and assessments to inform Strategy, policy, Core Enterprise Activities, Task Force operations and Army Staff Action Plans.

We provide knowledgeable and trained Subject Matter Experts in support of G-1/HRPD Human Capital Strategy, Human Dimension, Well-Being of the Force and Health of the Force requirements for information, recommendations and assessments.

Via this website, we champion Well Being as a lifestyle. We help Soldiers (Active Duty, Army National Guard and Army Reserve), Army Family Members, DA Civilians, Veterans and Retirees improve their lives and careers with myriad news, information and actionable recourses. Like our assessment efforts, content on the site focuses on five life domains: Standard of Living, Health, Career, Community Life and Personal/Family Life.

The objectives of Army Well Being are:

1. Provide Management Strategies that align with the emerging Human Resources Enterprise within the following areas:

(a) Strategic Alignment

(b) Strategic Competencies

(c) Leadership

(d) Performance Culture and

(e) Learning

2. Improve post-combat support to Soldiers and Families to mitigate accumulated effects of conflicts.

3. Improve support services and systems to equip and empower Soldiers, Families, and Civilians of the All Volunteer Force.

4. Identify and track indicators and metrics reflecting the health of the All Volunteer Force to influence initiatives, policies, and procedures.

What is well-being?
Well-Being is defined as “the condition of being well, prosperous, healthy, and satisfied with life across major life domains.” It is a subjective term used in academia, government and the private sector. Assessment of the Well-Being of our Soldiers, Civilians and their Families is based on five life domains: standard of living, health, career, community life, and personal and family life. A sense of Well-Being in these life domains enables Soldiers to focus on and perform the Army mission, and it enhances their commitment to serve in the All-Volunteer Force.

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