Bathing is a mandatory ritual for everyone to clean the body. Bathing can be done in various ways, such as splashing water with scooping around the body, there is a bath in a bathtub, there is also a shower. Shower forms also vary, one of which is a shower column. For some people, it is not a refreshing shower with a shower. Water just flows in the body and does not seep into the skin. For those of you who usually shower using the shower was very useful, especially for health.

– Facilitate breathing
A shower that is emitted throughout the body can provide massage effects and even smooth the respiratory tract. If you have a nasal congestion, you should use warm water with a temperature that you can set.

– Avoid from mosquito larvae
By using the shower, we no longer need a bathtub. Because the water in the bath, if not controlled properly, can be a place to lay mosquito eggs dengue fever. This type of mosquitoes likes to lay eggs in clear water.

– Relaxing effects for the body
The shower that gives splashes on the skin can give a massage or relaxation effect on the skin and relieve tiredness. Even alternative health experts argue that water splashing from a shower, a waterfall, or a shower can provide negative ion properties. Whereas this negative ion can arise due to clashing water granules that can be efficacious to neutralize toxins, combat poison.

– Water is cleaner and uncontaminated
Water coming out of the shower is water coming from the spring. This is different from the water in the bathtub. The water comes from our sparks while bathing with soap or shampoo. Dirt is finally over time will settle in the bottom of the bath. To better use a shower that the water is cleaner.