In the business world, sales or sales are very important, or it can be said that the spear to keep the company standing. Because without the sales of the company can be said to bankrupt because of running out of resources. Marketing a product is easy and also difficult, because there are many variables that we must pay attention to. For example, marketing of old products and new products is different, and marketing in the past was different from marketing today. Because the old days are still using conventional ways, marketing is now relying on technology so that it can cost efficiency. For this reason, Craigslist Ad Posting Service is here to help you promote the goods you sell.

Here are some product marketing strategies:

– Research Market / Know Customers

The number one and the main is to research the market first, why it becomes so important? Simply, because the market is going to use your product, it is the market that will provide income for your company. If you are the wrong market can be said your company has failed from the beginning.

Then how to research the market? For example like this, for example, you have a Korean fashion business. Then target the appropriate market, for example, young people who love Korean drama, with the age range 15-25 years, with the female gender. The smaller your market the more likely it is to succeed. Why is that? Simple, because we will be very, very focused on that small market first. So that we can provide extra service to the consumer, if the business has been stable then it can expand into other businesses.

– Promotion

After understanding your market/customer then the next step is to do promotion. Try to promote in an effective and creative way so as to attract customers as much as possible, and do not forget to do promotion consistently and continuously. For example, every time you travel can carry your brochure or product pamphlet, then share it with people you meet on the street. Or you can also promote using a social media account. In addition, you can also visit our website. The next step is to observe and analyze the promotional models used by competitors. Why observe competitors? We can take advantages and disadvantages of competitors, so we can imitate the good and we though in such a way that can be applied to the maximum in the company.