Along with the development of the era, the more advanced technology also in the community. There are many positive things that we can feel along with the use of technology in everyday life. Starting from office work to school work, currently we are very dependent on technology. But very unfortunate because along with the development of technology then develops a virus that can merussak technology we are currently using so that inhibit the rate of development itself. It is commonly referred to as cyber crime. There are several ways we can do to prevent the occurrence of cyber crime. One of them is cyber crime that once attacked the world like WANNACRY VIRUS. Therefore, to cope with the virus needed bitcoin to get back the data hilamg after exposed to the virus. You can easily get bitcoin hardware wallets in btcwallets. Well before the virus in one of the technology devices that we use, then it’s good if we pay attention to the things below!

1. Use Up to Date Security Software
It is important to keep your Security Software up-to-date or up to date. This treatment will redefine the threat of cybercrime and viruses that have not been defined in previous versions. This update is very useful for users who quite often use the internet connection.
It is recommended for gadget owners to use Security Software to open access to internet. This should be done at least two or three times a week. When the users online, it automatically Security Software will up to date the latest version.

2. Protecting Computers
Surely this is absolutely your doing. In order to maintain security, at least you should apply three programs, namely antivirus, antispyware, and firewall. Its function is clear from the three applications. Antivirus is sure to keep your computer device from viruses that are increasingly diverse day. Antispyware works to protect user data so that no one can damage or track your habits online. Spyware itself is a program that has been secretly entered into the computer and retrieves data. The initial goal of making Spyware is to search data from internet users and record a person’s habits in tracing the virtual world. While the firewall is a system or device that allows network traffic that is considered safe to pass through and prevent unsafe network traffic. But today many companies that have provided these three applications in a cheap package that is easy to use.

4. Make a Copy
Computer users should have copies of their personal documents, whether they be photos, music, or anything else. This is so that your data can still be saved if at any time there is data theft or there is an error on your computer system.