If we look at vehicles crossing the highway now it seems more and more who use headlamp or headlights with LED lights, even for the latest output vehicles best led headlights and bulb kits, especially motorcycles from the manufacturer has been using LED type original lamps. This could be because now consumer tastes are beginning to change more like LED lights than bulb bulbs or regular light bulbs. Especially with the traffic regulations that require motorcyclists to turn on the headlights during the day of course headlamp LED will be accepted or even welcomed by the consumer. For those of you looking for LED lights for vehicles, it’s good to visit us as a provider of best led headlights and bulb kits.

Headlamp LED is claimed to be more energy efficient so that batteries last longer. In addition, LED lamps claimed more durable than a light bulb. But the question is how effective are these LEDs for night lighting, are the LEDs brighter than the bulb lamps? For this type of bulb actually, there is a type of bulb that is the halogen type which is brighter than the ordinary light bulb. Halogen has been used since the first in the car and some types of motorsport. Well, suppose what if Headlamp LED and Halogen is pitted, which Headlamp LED what is Halogen better and brighter? If noted from the LED lights look brighter than halogen, but the halogen lamp coverage even farther than the LED lights. From some comparison or comparison between LED and Halogen lights can be concluded the strength of LED lights in the actual illuminate the object is lower almost equal to the power consumed. The bright led lights illuminate the object because of its own white light, but unfortunately, because of its color, the LED lights are dazzling when used for the headlight.

While the power of halogen lamp light is larger and indeed in halogen electrical consumption is greater than LED lights. Halogen lamp lights look softer because of the light colors that look a bit yellowish, but because the nature of the color halogen more easily penetrates the object in a highway filled with noise such as dust, fog, and motor vehicle fumes.