Are you planning to use the services of a data center provider? If so, there are some things you can make a reference if you want to choose a provider that uses the best quality. Quality for a data center is not to be underestimated given that the data center is the core of a company. Therefore, in order to you and your company or organization to avoid difficulties and problems, it would be better to take the precautionary step by choosing a data center in a virtual data room provider with good quality. Below are 10 references that you can use as consideration in choosing a virtual data service provider. Storage Efficiency; the first is the problem of storage efficiency. Infrastructure that will be your rental should provide benefits for you, improve your information technology and also must reduce the cost that may be incurred by the company.

Analysis of Service and Automation; a good data center provider must have a data storage tool capable of automatically or independently managing data capacity, analyzing data, everything about storage and more. Good Operations; a good data center provider as much as possible should have a zero down time service or always on especially for applications that are important to your business. Virtual Storage Tiering; Is this? A good data center storage should not only be ready to store according to existing capacity but should be able to store different types of media and data. For example, data that is not too critical can be stored on the DATA drive while for critical or important data can be placed on the flash drive. Good Data Protection Integration; a good data center must have a qualified data protection where the user can do the initial setup and let the system run by itself. In addition, operational efficiency must also be upgraded as well as possible eliminate errors that may be made humans or human error.

Ensuring Data Security that has been Planted; which is meant in this case is the data security and also the security of the device must be spread in various points. It would be better if a data center provider uses multi-level security in the system as it will prevent some unauthorized access that might enter. In cooperation with Third Parties. Working with third parties is a part of secure multi-tenancy that can create a solution to separate infrastructure from information technology from storage to server.