Real investment starts early. This is one way to meet your financial needs in the future. Moreover, investment is now not always in the form of money, but also can be many things, one of them is property. You can join Kevin Hodges Real Estate right now and be one of the successful investing people.


The price of a property that is always up is indeed the main attraction. And if you are interested in investing in property, there are some things to watch out for. This can be a separate strategy for you to make investments that can provide maximum results. And here is the investment strategy of residential property in order to bring a high profit.

– Right time

Buy property at the right time, meaning time allows you to get a lower price. Property prices tend to be cheaper by the time of Lebaran or the turn of the new school year. In those times many people need money in the near future, so tend to give the selling price of cheaper property in order to sell quickly.

– The zone will flourish

Property in the middle of the city is strategic and much sought after, but generally, has exorbitant prices. Maybe it’s time to switch to a property in a suburban area. Do not look at one eye, a suburban property at a low price can be your investment mine in the future because its value will be many times higher. Select the suburban zones that are forecast to grow rapidly. You can find out through the internet or property agents.

– Development in the future

Before purchasing a property, you should first know the area’s development around the property in the future. It does not matter if the property you buy is still difficult to access, but make sure that in the next 2-3 years there is a physical development progress, such as toll road access, mass transportation access, entertainment facilities such as malls, and other facilities that can raise the selling price of property in future. The easier the access to a region and the more complete the facilities then the price of land will increase in the future.