For you music lovers it’s not fun if you do not listen to music by using headphones or even a headset. By listening to music using headphones and headsets, you can hear it without disturbing others and enjoy full music. But often the use of headsets or headphones quickly damaged How do I keep your headphones preserved? Unplug the headphone jack, not the cord. When removing the headphone jack from the audio source, hold tight and then pull the connector. If you pull the cable, the connector will receive extra pressure so that it can damage your headphones. Draw it firmly, not sharply. If your headphone jack is firmly attached, disconnect the connector firmly and steadily. If you jerk it, the cable can get damaged. Do not leave headphones on the floor. Certainly, putting headphones on the floor is a sure way to damage your device. Always place headphones on the desk, or in a safe place when not in use. Do not leave headphones fixed. When you are not using headphones, do not leave it in the installed state. If the cable is accidentally snagged, headphones can be damaged if you stand or move. Most people can not fix broken headphones and most of them end up choosing to buy new ones and we provide the best headphone variations for you at

For you lovers of music, of course, familiar with the headphones. Variations of headphones from us you can get a good price and quality is not less good. One of them is Sony MDR7506 Professional. Sonny is known for their quality and innovation with a simple yet reliable model. The 40mm drivers use powerful neodymium magnets and make them the best brand of headphones that respond to the public in terms of better sound quality. Wrap your cable when not in use. This is very important for headphone portables without a cable protector. If the cord is tangled, the connection can be damaged and weakened. Do not just insert headphones in your pants pocket. You can use a fastening clip or cut a few notches from an old gift card to wrap the headphone cable easily and safely. Avoid binding or putting pressure on cables.