All babies must cry, even some babies cry very often. Crying is actually a baby language we do not understand. When they cry, there must be something to say. Often babies cry and fuss because they feel hungry, tired, cold or hot, bored, wet diapers or feeling sick.

Will it be very difficult for you is not it? Especially if you’re doing a newborn photo shoot that requires your baby to calm down. Well if you want to do a newborn photo shoot then it would be better if you are looking for a reliable photographer because not all photographers can capture the best moments of your baby. No need to far away, you can search for newborn photography near me. Regardless, how do you silence and soothe a crying and fussy baby? Here’s the review!

1. Swinging motion
Babies love the movements when they are picked up. You can start by picking up a sling and then making a rocking motion to calm your baby. The faster the baby cries, then you must be more swift also swung.

2. The sound of ‘sshh’
It turns out to calm the baby by the way the mother produces ‘sshh’ sounds not just hereditary habits. This ‘sshh’ sound can make the baby more calm and comfortable because the sound is similar to the sound when they are in the womb. Make sure the sound ‘sshh’ you produce is much faster than the baby’s cry, so the baby hears it.

3. Gentle touch
Never underestimate the ‘power’ of your touch in making the baby more comfortable. Of course, the main step in calming a crying baby is by touching it. However, it is not uncommon for babies who need more than just a touch to make them comfortable, like a sling, pat their backs, or gently massage them.

4. Know and adjust the environment for the baby
Soothing a crying baby is one way to get closer to the baby. That way, you will try to find out what kind of environment makes it more comfortable and quiet, like some babies like dark lights and others do not. Or maybe your baby prefers a quiet room atmosphere, but there are also babies who prefer the atmosphere outside the home or crowd. Adjust your environment to make babies more calm and comfortable.