Choosing a web hosting at a glance is easy, but if you buy web hosting without researching more deeply, it will certainly be bad for your site. In the previous article, I have described how to choose a good domain name for your blog. In addition to domains, we also need to set up the right web hosting for your site. Because, by choosing the right servidores dedicados web hosting, will certainly maximize the performance of the website/blog.

So important the role of web hosting, for that we need to choose a good web hosting for your site. So what should be considered in choosing web hosting?

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting:

1. Do not Use Free Hosting

Tips on choosing the first web hosting that does not use free web hosting! If you want to build a site for the long term you should stay away from the web hosting. Because storing data on free web hosting, not guaranteed security at any time the server is down, then you will be difficult to get your data back. Because in general free web hosting is not responsible for data loss on their servers.

In addition, using a free web hosting will usually have bandwidth limitations and when the number of your daily visitors exceeds the bandwidth that has been given, then your web will automatically down and can not be accessed.

2. Number of Clients

You certainly do not want to risk your website on inexperienced or new hosting. The success of Hosting Provider can be seen from the number of clients. Especially if the hosting provider has a client from the Web with a high visitor. Can be sure that the hosting has a high quality so that the classy web also entrust the website to him.

3. Server Location

In choosing web hosting we need to consider the location of the web hosting server you want to use. Because the location of the server also affects the speed of visitor access to your site. Before buying hosting for your website, you must know who your visitor is. If your targeted visitor is in country A, then hosting with the server located in the same location will be much better for your website. Likewise on the contrary, if your target global visitors, it would be better if you choose a hosting that is outside the A country.

4. Space Hosting

Should consider the space or disk capacity provided by the hosting provider. make sure the storage space is enough to accommodate your website files, and also consider choosing a capacity that matches the estimate of how much your website will grow over the next year. Because in general rent this hosting per year.

For example, when you want to create a blog with WordPress it would be nice you choose a hosting package with at least 1 GB of space. Due to the need to upload the image, it seems more than enough for one year ahead. Origin you do not excessive upload images per day and make sure the size is not too large.

In addition, do not be too confident with the package “unlimited disk” because in practice there is nothing really unlimited. Everything has a certain limit. initial “disk unlimited” is just a marketing technique just so you are interested to buy the hosting service. Better to buy hosting that has been clearly defined limitations, so we can control it well.

5. Bandwidth

Like disk space, many hosting providers are labeling their packages with “unmetered bandwidth”. Again, do not believe the unlimited or unmetered terms. Because as I have explained in the previous points.